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Go Green Off The Grid
Zero-Carbon Desalination &
Sustainable Brine Concentration
for Resource Recovery

Why Trevi?

Water is the world's most precious, undervalued, and exploited resource. It is essential to life, yet 771 million people in the world lack access to it. How does Trevi help alleviate this problem without further impacting the environment?

By utilizing excess energy to purify used water.

Water is used in numerous industries from data centers, to power plants, to mines. These industries also produce copious waste heat that Trevi harnesses to purify the used water. At Trevi we purify water while recycling energy, making it possible to clean water completely off the grid. 

Our Mission

Our mission at Trevi Systems Inc is to develop zero-carbon desalination and brine concentration technologies for the most challenging waters. Our vision is to enable people and communities to have access to clean water regardless of geographic or socioeconomic barriers. We aim to empower economies and industries with a sustainable supply of water that has minimal impact on their environment. Our sustainable forward osmosis and brine concentration technologies will disrupt the water and energy nexus and lead the way for green desalination, zero liquid discharge, and resource recovery.

The Specifics


Forget reverse, the future is forward. Find out more about our patented forward osmosis and pressurized forward osmosis technology. Our brine concentration and renewable desalination technology is leading the way in resource recovery and cost savings. 




There has never been a better time to invest in renewable technologies. The market for water desalination is projected to grow $29.1 billion in 2030. Learn more about the blue economy and what makes zero-carbon forward osmosis a no brainer.


Trevi's pilots demonstrate both the scaleability and adaptility of the technology. Ranging from Hawaii to India, Trevi's plants are working hard to bring fresh water without breaking the bank or harming the environment.

Partner With Trevi

Trevi has a long history of collaboration which better equips us to understand the specific concerns of our clients and to create value add for all parties. Our esteemed partners are featured below. 

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