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     Since inception, Trevi has been successful in partnering with reputable, technology savvy organizations who see the value in Trevi’s innovative and sustainable forward osmosis technology. With grants from partners who include US governmental entities as well as with paid systems from global technology companies, Trevi has completed more than twelve pilots projects, of varying scale, worldwide. Four systems are still in operation with four more operational in the 1st quarter of 2024. Such projects and partners are a testament to Trevi’s continued success in validating and demonstrating the technology.

Ongoing Projects

Cyprus Desalination Plant

Limassol, Cyprus. 📷: Bradley Palmer

These pilot projects continue to operate, collect data, and adapt to the diverse needs of our clients.

Completed Projects

Trevi Systems Inc Installation Team
These pilots were successfully completed, demonstrating cost and energy savings while providing clean water. Specifications regarding their performance can be found here.

Upcoming Projects

Hawaii Desalination Plant
These projects will demonstrate that Trevi's technology is not only viable but preferable to the incumbent RO technology available today, when waste heat and solar energy are present. 

Ongoing Projects

KUWAIT |  Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research Pilot, 10 m3/day,  Standard FO System
      Trevi has completed the construction of a 10 m3/day pilot system which is currently operated at the desalination laboratory of KISR.  The intent of the pilot is to demonstrate the energy saving and scaling potential in the Gulf region. More information on this project can be found here.

CYPRUS | Cyprus Renewable Pilot, 50 m3/day, Solar Powered Renewable Seawater Desalination

     In Cyprus, our FO desalination plant uses 1/3 of the electrical energy of a Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant. It uses low-temperature heat from an adjacent solar array, which generates high-temperature heat stored in a molten salt tank for 24-hour power and heat generation without battery storage. The FO plant produces carbon-free desalinated seawater with no GHG impact, and excess electricity can be sold to the grid. The first container skid removes salt from seawater using a proprietary draw solution. The second container skid separates the solution from the desalted product water and polishes it to WHO drinking water standards. 

HAWAII | US Department of Energy Pilot, 500 m3/day, Solar Powered Renewable Seawater Desalination,

      Trevi implemented its 4th generation Forward Osmosis technology at this site.  By using a low-temperature CSP array, repurposed from electricity production to thermal energy, Trevi's FO plant runs on solarthermal energy and emits no CO2 while desalinating seawater. With a 60% recovery rate, the plant produces 130,000 gpd (500m3/d) of potable water, delivered to an algae farm. The water produced is being evaluated for potable use with plans to increase capacity to over 6000m3/day at the same site. The high recovery rate also points to the plant's use as a technology for zero liquid discharge and longer-term brine concentration for mineral recovery. So, not only is this system a sustainable solution for water treatment, but it also has the potential to be a valuable resource for brine mining and other industries. A video and more information on this project can be found here.

OMAN | Petroleum Development Organization, 140 m3/day, Renewable ZLD for O&G produced wastewaters with FO

     The high recovery thermal FO system has been delivered and will operational in Q1 2024. Successful commissioning & operation will open the market to more of these systems as Oman produces 1,000,000m3/day of produced water that requires treatment. Treated water will be used for agriculture. 

Hawaii Desalination Plant

Hawaii Pilot

Heliovis Tube

Oman Pilot

Cyprus Desalination Plant

Cyprus Pilot, Solar Array

Kuwait Desalination Plant

Kuwait Pilot


Completed Projects

ORANGE COUNTY,CA, USA | California Energy Commission, 10 m3/day, FO Brine Concentration of RO Brine
     Trevi was awarded a California Energy Commission PIR Grant of $1.7 million to pilot a system to desalinate reverse osmosis concentrate at Orange County Water District (OCWD). OCWD is a world leader in wastewater reuse since the 1970s. The old Water Factory 21 was recently replaced by the Ground Water Replenishment System, a 100 mgd facility that treats secondary wastewater effluent with microfiltration, reverse osmosis then advanced oxidation before pumping the clean water to the Talbert barrier and to several recharge basins.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | Masdar Pilot, 50 m3/day, Renewable FO Seawater Desalination
     The cost analysis of a seawater Trevi FO plant powered by photovoltaics was completed by Masdar and its collaborators, iFL Engineers & International Waster Association, as a part of its efforts to analyze the United Arab Emirates’ seawater desalination options The two-year, $3 mil study validated FO energy savings, 1/3 electricity of RO, ½  thermal energy of MED, enabling the use of renewable (solar) resources cost effectively. More information on this project can be found here.

CHINA | Petro China, 50 m3/day, FO Brine concentration of their targeted stream
     Trevi demonstrated high brine concentration with ZLD performance and energy efficiency over evaporators.

TAMIL NADU, INDIA | Indian Department of Energy Pilot, 20 m3/day, Renewable seawater FO Desalination
     Trevi demonstrated cost savings and energy efficiencies over incumbent technologies using a linear fresnel CSP array to provide a renewable desalination for the Indian DOE . 

PORT HUENEME, CA, USA | US Navy Pilot, 10m3/day, FO Seawater Desalination
     Trevi has completed field trials at the US Navy NFESC facility in Port Hueneme demonstrating energy savings and capital costs. These trials validated energy savings, monitored the long term water quality and verified that thermal operating parameters of the FO system remain within acceptable ranges. 

Masdar Desalination Plant

Masdar Pilot, UAE

Port Hueneme Desalination Plant

Upcoming Projects

Port Hueneme, US Navy

CALIFORNIA, USA | Sunshot DOE Prize Pilot, 25m3/day, Renewable brackish agriculture wastewater desal with FO and PFO

    This pilot was funded by the The US Department of Energy to demonstrate renewable brackish agriculture desalination with FO and PFO. The plant is built and set to begin operations Q1 of 2024. To find out more read here.

CALIFORNIA, USA | NAWI Mobile Pilot, 25m3/day, nZLD for O&G produced wastewaters and agriculture wastewaters with FO and PFO

    This National Alliance for Water Innovation (NAWI) funded pilot will utilize PFO and FO to achieve nZLD for 5 commercial  sites in CA that suffer from water scarcity and need water reuse. The pilot is under construction and is set to be operational in Q2 of 2024.

Tamil Nadu Desalination Plant
Orange County Desalination Team

INDIAN DOE Tamil Nadu Pilot

COC Orange County Pilot

CAD Design of NAWI Mobile Plant

NAWI Mobile Pilot


Limassol, Cyprus. 📷: Bradley Palmer

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