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Trevi’s Innovative Technologies Deliver Clean Water & Tackle GHG Emissions

Trevi's Forward Osmosis technologies are the first commercially viable desalination and brine concentration systems which excel when combined with solar-thermal or waste heat sources like geothermal heat, solar ponds, or power plants.

About Us

Trevi Systems, Inc. is a Sonoma County, CA based technology developer who first pioneered the development and commercialization of low energy, green, and sustainable Forward Osmosis (FO) water purification to desalinate salt and brackish water as well as cleaning industrial and municipal wastewater. Building on these technical capabilities and experience, Trevi had continued to innovate and has now evolved into a provider of sustainable brine concentration solutions purposed for minimum liquid and zero liquid discharge to achieve resource recovery for a variety of markets and industries.




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We are an innovative team of scientists, committed to delivering a sustainable desalination technology to the market. Trevi is funded by insiders and corporate partners.  

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Trevi Systems maintains a significant intellectual property portfolio, with 33 granted patents,11 pending patents, 11 published patents, and more than 11 licensed patents. Our collection spans U.S. and international patents, focusing on cutting-edge osmotic fluid purification and solvent recovery technologies. These patents are instrumental in safeguarding our investments and proprietary methods. The ownership of our IP is transparently shared between public and private entities, ensuring well-organized asset management. Our future IP strategy will continue to reinforce our market presence and promote our advancement in sustainable water treatment.

Trevi In Action

Our Flagship Solar Powered Forward Osmosis Seawater Desalination Plant in Hawaii

Trevi Systems is a pioneering company specializing in forward osmosis technology for sustainable and efficient water desalination. Check out our flagship 500 m3/day solar powered forward osmosis seawater desalination plant at the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii (NELHA) site.

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