The largest impediment to further growth of the desalination market is the increasing demand for energy and growth in GHG emissions. ​


The market for desalination is huge and growing, estimated at over $18Billion in 2015 ( The largest impediment to further growth of the market is the increasing demand for energy and growth in GHG emissions. The demand for water has been increasing at a rate that is double the rate of population growth. Taking this into account, by 2025 water scarcity will affect 14% of the world’s population.Total online installed capacity of desalination plants was more than 74 million m3/day at the end of 2012. 


Due to the low pressure exerted across the membrane, the process of forward osmosis can be used to treat a broad spectrum of water types.  Below are a few examples of possible applications for our technology.

Ground & surface water treatment


  • protein sequestration
  • Virus removal

Specialty Chemical & Textile

  • Enhanced product recovery & concentration
  • Industrial wastewater reuse and recovery

Sea & Brackish water desalination


  • Osmotic power / Pressure Retarded Osmosis
  • Upstream oil & gas wastewater treatment
  • Water treatment, recovery and reuse for thermal power plants

Municipal Water & Waste

  • Pretreatment for desalination
  • Pretreatment for high TDS waters
  • Municipal wastewater treatment

Food, Beverage, Agriculture

  • Food & beverage concentration

  • Wastewater recovery & reuse


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